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veggie garden

Perks of a veggie patch

Perks of veggie patch Imagine a bright sunny day & you are relaxing on hammock, enjoying fresh salad made with juicy tomatoes, cool cucumber & strawberries. Isn’t it a blissful feeling? It is, as you know that all those healthy, fresh fruits and vegetables are directly picked from your own veggie garden patch in your […]

Raised garden beds

How to plant a veggie garden

How to plant Veggie gardens How soulful it feels when you eat a homegrown tomato? Isn’t it a pleasing feeling? It is, as planting a vegetable garden is like believing in tomorrow. One fine day, your hard efforts of feeding your garden will give you delicious vegetables in return. Everyone loves good food especially if […]

6in1 modular raised garden bed - veggie garden

Benefits of a Raised Garden Bed

Benefits of raised garden beds If you are a gardening fan, who wants to grow a veggie garden in the backyard space but not making use of raised garden beds for plantation, then you are surely missing on the most efficient technique of growing vegetable plants.  Building raised garden beds for plantation is a great […]

Sweeten up your veggies with seaweed

If you’re looking for a great fertiliser and soil conditioner, turn your gaze towards seaweed and its benefits for your garden. It is one of the healthiest things you could put on your veggie patch, bringing back essential minerals to your soil, increasing yield and sweetening fruits. Seaweed thrives in the water due to minerals […]

Green manure – the magician of the garden

Green manure – the magician of the garden Green manure puts on a magic show in the soil, but be patient – you won’t get to see the show until your patch’s next crop. Only then, you could watch in amazement as a seedling doubles its height overnight, or when flower buds keep popping out […]

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