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Perks of a veggie patch

Perks of veggie patch

Imagine a bright sunny day & you are relaxing on hammock, enjoying fresh salad made with juicy tomatoes, cool cucumber & strawberries. Isn’t it a blissful feeling? It is, as you know that all those healthy, fresh fruits and vegetables are directly picked from your own veggie garden patch in your backyard. This sweetest dream of enjoying fresh vegetables and fruits can become a reality if you have your own veggie patch in your property.

Whether you’ve a tiny balcony or a large back garden or even a few acres of land, you can realize your dreaming of having your own veggie garden. When you cook the food made with fruits and vegetables from your own garden, they even taste more delicious and gives an ultimate satisfaction.

What is a veggie patch?

A veggie patch is nothing but a small part of a garden where vegetables and fruits are grown. It is usually located in the rear part of the property or in the backyard. It gives an immense pleasure when you enjoy the food made with vegetables from your own veggie patch.

The quality and taste of homegrown vegetables and fruits from your own veggie garden is exceptional and unbeatable from what you buy in local markets. There are many types of veggie garden patches but the one that has become more popular these days is potager – it’s a garden patch in which vegetables, herbs and flowers are grown together.

Having your own veggie patch is a great way to make use of the idle space available in your property and a fun hobby for entire family.

Perks of a veggie patch:

Apart from giving an ultimate eternal bliss, there are several other perks of veggie patch that includes:


#1 – Improves health:

Eating more fresh fruits and vegetables is one of the most important things you and your family can do to stay health. When you are growing your own fruits and vegetables in your garden, they are tend to have high vitamin content and are rich in nutrients like anti-oxidants, vitamin C, vitamin A and folate.

#2 – More nutritious food:

When you eat something fresh directly from the plant, it’s more nutritious because it is not covered in pesticides to preserve their freshness.  Not just this – but most of that store-bought produce has been grown in a soil that is over-farmed and contains far less nutrients as compared to home grown produce. So when you grow your own, you tend to enjoy more nutritious food with many nutrients.
#3 – Save money on your food bills:

By having your own veggie patch in your garden, you can cut your grocery and food bills to a large extent. Many a times, food brought from the super markets are expensive and can make a big hole in your pockets. On the other hand, packet of seeds to grow veggies and fruits in your backyard will cost you nothing much and can give you buckets of freshly grown, healthy and nutritious fruits and vegetables, saving big on your food budget.

#4 – Helps the environment:

When you grow fruits and vegetables on your own, it’s not only healthy for you but also helps the environment. Since you grow your produce organically without using any harmful pesticides and herbicides, there will be a less water and air pollution. Not only this, but it also helps in saving fossil fuels used by refrigerated trucks to deliver the food to supermarkets from other locations.

#5 – Better tastes:

Fresh food is always the best food! Do you have any idea as how long the food on your supermarket shelf been there? If you compare the flavor of a homegrown tomato with the taste of a store bought one, you’ll definitely feel the difference in tastes and freshness. So when you grow in your own veggie patch, it’s always going to be healthy, fresh and rich in tastes.

#6 – A great hobby:

It’s always a fun time growing your own fruits and vegetables in your own backyard veggie patch with your family. When you grow in fresh air and sunlight, it gives an amazing feeling and your body will get additional levels of vitamins from sunlight.  Growing a veggie patch is a great hobby that comes with several benefits of regular exercise, fresh air and boost in your vitamin D levels.

It’s always a super-fun for entire family to grow your own veggie patch that saves your money, gives more nutritious food, improves your health and environment and last but not the least, it tastes better.

Still waiting? Why not grow your own veggie patch today and enjoy perks that it has to offer.

Happy growing!

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