FACTORY SECONDS – Urban 9 in 1 300mm tall


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Width (m) Length (m) Short or Tall (m)
0.38 0.38 0.3
0.38 0.67 0.3
0.38 0.97 0.3
0.38 1.27 0.3
0.38 1.57 0.3
0.67 1.27 0.3
0.67 0.67 0.3
0.67 0.97 0.3
0.97 0.97 0.3

In stock

Factory Seconds – Slightly damaged boxes, product in good condition.

The Urban 9-in-1 Kit Includes:

    4 corner panels

    8 side panels

    Pack of bolts, nuts, and washers

    Vinyl safety edging

    Geo textile liner

    Instruction manual

Beds in the Birdies Urban Range are made from Redcor (also known as corten) steel. Redcor will naturally rust over a 6 week period, providing a beautiful, unique patina and long-term protection for your raised bed.

When you receive your Birdies Urban raised bed, the panels will have a non-hazardous mineral oil coating applied to prevent premature rusting, ensuring durability and longevity under all environmental conditions.

The Birdies Difference

Customizable: Each bed comes with 4 corner panels and 8 side panels, allowing for customized assembly into 1 of 9 different dimensions.

300mm Tall: They also allow for better soil life, drainage, and root growth.

Easy to Assemble: Put your bed together with nuts, bolts, and washers for an easy no-tool construction, keeping your bed sturdy and safe from bowing.

Lightweight and Strong: Redcor (corten) steel is lightweight but strong, lasting four to seven times longer than standard wooden beds.

Rust and Corrosion Resistant: Over time Redcor steel develops a stable oxide layer on its surface known as ‘patina’. When exposed to alternating wet and dry conditions the color of the patina changes organically over time giving it a striking appearance.

No Contamination: Unlike low-grade plastic, chemically treated wood, or poorly manufactured copycats, Birdies Redcor steel does not leach meaning these beds are completely safe to grow food in.