FACTORY SECONDS – Urban 1m round 300mm tall


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Factory Seconds – Slightly damaged boxes, product in good condition.

The Urban Round Kit Includes:

  • 5 curved panels
  • Pack of nuts & bolts
  • Vinyl safety edging
  • Instruction leaflet

Beds in the Birdies Urban Range are made from Corten steel (also known as Redcor). Corten steel will naturally rust over a 6-week period, providing a beautiful, unique patina for your raised bed.

When you receive your Birdies Urban raised bed, the panels will have a non-hazardous mineral oil coating applied to prevent premature rusting.

Benefits of a Birdies Raised Garden

  • Extended season (soil warms quicker).
  • Easier to protect from pests (acts as a barrier and is easy to net).
  • Lightweight, yet strong.
  • Allows for deeper and higher quality soil.
  • Superior drainage
  • Australian made.
  • Birdies Raised garden beds look great!