Designer Select-A-Size – 900mm Wide



Select a size up to 5.3 meters long, 900mm wide.

Custom Size Range

Designed to help you find the size that suits your area!

Birdies  Modular Raised Garden Beds can be assembled into many shapes or sizes from the one product. This particular product is designed to allow customers to select the size they need. Birdies Modular Raised Garden Beds use stainless steel fasteners ensuring the integrity of the unit. Birdies Raised Garden Beds have a rolled steel edge with a durable clip on safety strip. The raised beds are made from a high quality Aluzinc steel/powder coated steel sheeting and this quality ensures durability and longevity under all environmental conditions. Birdies Modular Raised Garden Beds are Australia’s No.1, and look great in any garden space

  • Material: Aluzinc steel, Stainless Steel Fasteners, All Weather PVC safety edge
  • Features: Rolled steel edges with a clip on safety strip. Easy Assembly. Stainless Steel Fasteners.
  • Quantity in pack: One
  • Solid aluminium corner
  • Assembly option: Self assembly
  • Usage: Growing plants of all types.
  • Ground preparation: None. Site for Garden Bed does not need to be level.
  • Fitting information: Instructions provided.
  • Treatment: Aluzinc steel, Powder Coated Steel
  • Colour: Merino/Paperbark, Mist Green/Pale Eucalypt, Slate Grey/Woodland Grey, Aluzinc/Zincalume
  • Special delivery information: Small Carton. Fits easily into a small vehicle.
  • Part of the Birdies Original Raised Garden Bed collection.
  • Handle details: To move once constructed, stand inside the garden bed and lift from two opposite sides to maintain the shape.

Benefits of Birdies raised garden bed

Extended season (soil warms quicker)
Easier to protect from pests (acts as a barrier and is easy to net)
Lightweight yet strong.
Allows for deeper and a higher quality soil.
Superior drainage.
Choice of different colours.
Australian made.
Birdies raised garden beds look great!

Australia wide Delivery
Expect delivery of your garden bed within 10 working days


Additional information

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Aluzinc/Zincalume, Merino/Paperbark, Mist Green/Pale Eucalypt, Slate Grey/Woodland Grey

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385mm, 740mm

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1600mm, 2000mm, 2100mm, 2200mm, 2300mm, 2500mm, 2600mm, 2700mm, 2800mm, 2900mm, 3000mm, 3100mm, 3200mm, 3300mm, 3400mm, 3500mm, 3600mm, 3700mm, 3800mm, 3900mm, 4000mm, 4100mm, 4200mm, 4300mm, 4400mm, 4500mm, 4600mm, 4700mm, 4800mm, 4900mm, 5000mm, 5100mm, 5200mm, 5300mm


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